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Junior Match, Richardson Lake
Added on March 19, 2019

Junior Match
March 16th 2019
Richardson Lake

A late switch to Richardson’s from Hill Pond due to the heavy winds saw the 3 who managed to attend rewarded with some great weights. With a SW wind gusting up to 50mph, pegs 35, 33 and 31 proved perfect on the day with everyone catching some decent fish. New recruit Monty Martin drew p31 and started on a small GB feeder to take a couple of bream before going out on 9m of pole and caster over groundbait to take a succession of bream, crucians and a tench for 24lb 10ozs 8dr, well clear of a close battle for second place. George Evans on p33 relied on bomb and maggot to net bream and tench for 16lb 6ozs 8dr and edge out Jess Carter who switched between pole and feeder to weigh in a similar catch for 15lb 11ozs 8dr.
Next match is the Dads & Lads at Broadwater, March 30th.

Monty Martin 24-10-8
George Evans 16-6-8 
Jessica Carter 15-11-8

Sensas Junior Points League (SJPL) after 1 round:
Monty Martin 5pts
George Evans 4pts
Jessica Carter 3pts

Summer 2019 Junior Coaching Information & Dates
Added on February 21, 2019

Coaching and development opportunities

Saturday coaching sessions: 

Every second Saturday from Mid-May to September we run coaching sessions at Marsh Farm. There are two groups: 

  • The Start2Fish programme is perfect for youngsters starting out in fishing.. We provide all the tackle and bait – all you need to do is come along and give it a go! Catch your first fish, feel the thrill of a strong tench pulling on your pole, learn about baits and tactics. The coaching team this year will be led by Kevin Holcombe, fully qualified Level 2 coach and well respected local all-round angler. 

> All bait and tackle provided

> Suitable for beginners from age 5 upwards

> Parents must stay with their children during the sessions and are welcome to join in and learn how to fish too!

> Booking in is required as places are limited

> These sessions are provided FREE by the club! 

  • The Learn2Fish programme targets the more advanced you angler and takes place on Richardson Lake. Sessions focus on pole, feeder and waggler fishing . Coaching is tailored to your individual skill level and the team is led by Trevor Haskell. Trevor is a fully qualified angling coach and trained teacher who has a formidable track record in matches at Marsh Farm. 

> Suitable for anglers with some angling experience

> We have poles, waggler and feeder rods to use if needed

> More technical sessions with the emphasis on tactics

> Sessions are FREE to GAS juniors but you must book in 

How to book in:

Book by email: Subject: ‘Coaching’, info@godalminganglingsociety.co.uk


by phone to Kevin Holcombe on 07704 430685 

The 2019 Saturday sessions are:

May 18th

June 1st

June 15th

June 29th

July 13th

July 27th

August 10th

August 24th

Sept 7th



Junior Xmas Match, Hill Pond
Added on January 03, 2019

Junior Xmas Match, Hill Pond
December 15th 2018

This year’s event proved to be more a match of attrition than anything else and was only marginally worse than last years with just 3 catching out of 13 attending!

Again the weather proved to be unhelpful as one by one we saw the youngsters melt away from the bankside. As we approached midday there remained but four serious contenders, with two still to catch! A unanimous decision by them decided to call a halt at 12:30, which was a wise move.

The weigh in, as expected, was a short affair but one which sealed the SJPL. Weighing in with a miserly 5ozs, 1oz more than James Buckley’s winning weight last Christmas, was Jessica Carter. Jess managed to catch a ‘goer’ roach to bolster the other three sprats and take the win, both match and league, so well done to her. Second was up-an-coming superstar, Michael Ewing, which was only his second match this year, with 3 small gudgeon for 1.5ozs. Last, but not least, was Tom Stratford-Tuke who had a tiny perch for 8 drams.

With 10 blanks, it was a disappointing day for the kids, but the party and prize giving afterwards cheered them all up. Let’s hope 2019 proves more rewarding for many of them!

1st Jessica Carter 0-5-0
2nd Michael Ewing 0-1-8
3rd Tom Stratford-Tuke 0-0-8

Sensas Junior Points League (SJPL) final round (round was 4 cancelled): 
Jessica Carter 32pts 
Ben Gregoriades 27pts 
Ethan Etherington 15pts
Michael Ewing 9pts
Monty Martin 8pts
George Evans 6pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 5pts
Matt Devasagayam 5pts
Freddie Bacon 5pts
Ben Barnett 4pts 
Sky Bacon 3pts
Harry Franklin 1pt
Dan Norris 1pt

The start of the 2019 Junior Points Leagues begins on March 16th on Hill Pond.

This years 2018 trophy recipients:

MAYO CUP: (Best Bag of Fish, 216lbs 14ozs Broadwater), BEN GREGORIADES
TIDY CUP: (Best Specimen Fish, 19lb 10oz Common, Broadwater), LEO TILBURY
C-LIGHT TROPHY: (Best Specimen at Broadwater, 19lb 10oz Common), LEO TILBURY
OSBORNE CUP: (Top Junior Under 12), LEO TILBURY
GAS (Young Angler of Year), ETHAN ETHERINGTON
JOHNSON’S CUP: (Best Performance at Johnson’s), JESSICA CARTER
BRAMLEY CUP: (Best Overall Performance at Bramley), JESSICA CARTER
THE AWAY CUP: (Best Performance Outside GAS waters), ETHAN ETHERINGTON
Most Improved GAS Angler: MONTY MARTIN

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