Junior Match, Harris Lake June 16th 2018
Added on June 19, 2018

Junior Match, Harris Lake
June 16th 2018

As expected, Harris Lake proved hard yet again for the six juniors who turned up. With the breeze blowing down the lake towards the road, an end draw look useful for Michael Ewing. He didn’t waste it, and gave a display of accurate method feeder fishing to take an impressive 30lb 9ozs of tench to 5lb and crucians to 2lb on 6mm hard pellet. The rest of the field could only sit it out for a bonus fish, which wasn’t forthcoming for most. Next best was George Evans who fished pole to the pads on peg 38 to take small roach, rudd and a baby crucian before landing a three and a half pound tench to take his weight to 5lb 1oz.

New recruit Monty Martin showed his keenest by really sticking with it and was rewarded with a 3lb 12oz tench near the end. Unfortunately the remainder of the field had to settle for ounces, proving once more that fishing Harris Lake can be a bit of a lottery!

Age groups: 
Under 11:
Michael Ewing 30-9-0 peg 40

George Evans 5-1-0 peg 38
Monty Martin 3-12-0 peg 34
Jessica Carter 0-4-0 peg 32
Harry Franklin 0-1-0 peg 30

Sensas Junior Points League (SJPL) after 3 rounds: 
Jessica Carter 9pts 
Ben Gregoriades 7pts 
Michael Ewing 5pts
Freddie Bacon 5pts
George Evans 4pts
Ben Barnett 4pts 
Monty Martin 3pts
Sky Bacon 3pts
Tom Stratford-Tuke 2pts
Harry Franklin 1pt
Dan Norris 1pt

Next match is the Broadwater Night match on July 7th. Please make sure you book in as early as possible.

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